Making Progress

This week I have made some serious progress with my goals.

For starters, I have tentatively procured a gallery space. I need to get clearance from my teacher on the dates and double check with Julie Taggart about everything and all will be set. Which means, I can hopefully start production soon on pieces and make event cards to be sent out a month before my show. I also have a rough draft done of my proposal and am emailing Julie a copy today for her to go over and work out any issues she might find. I had my gantt chart reviewed, and my teacher said it was okay, but I might want to make the production section a bit more detailed. I am hoping that with the starting extra early on production that being more detailed won't be an issue, but we will see.

I realize this project lasts the whole semester, but I want to get ahead as much as possible so that if any problems do arise, especially in the printing of things, then I will have time to work with and not be freaking out at the end of the semester when everything is due and the doom of Directions is looming over my head too.

For next week, the proposal is due, so I want to have a really solid one completed. For my next meeting with Julie (date yet to be determined but no more than 2 weeks), I am to look at artist statements and begin writing mine and look at the application process of grad school, so she can help me with that as well. I also need to begin my separate portfolio for grad school. I have some of the pieces, but need to reformat them in educational thinking style. Beyond that it's continued research I guess unless I get the green light on the gallery. In which case, I plan to take measurements, get a really good handle on layout, figure out how many panels I need to print, and start production. Right now it's a waiting game, but I would rather be spinning my wheels because I'm ahead than being overwhelmed and have too much to do.

 Initial quotes, images, and sketches of gallery space

Initial quotes, images, and sketches of gallery space