Progress and an Uh Oh

Ok so, the ceramics are in the hands of the kiln gods now, they're about to be fired this week... all but one. The vase broke in an act of stupidness on my part, but I knew that was an option and have already taken the necessary of action of making a new one. I hope to have that (and the back up one) finished Wednesday and be fired over the weekend, so I'm not put too far behind schedule.

I have the lettering, and wow does that make this all seem real. The book got put off, but I know I will get it done in time. I also am getting my poster for the Ad thesis printed as I type.

For next week, the fate of the ceramics will be determined, and I want to get them glazed and done. The book will hopefully be mostly finished (since I don't need this for the Ad thesis I'm not stressing it). This project is on the threshold just a few things to finish up and then in less than 2 weeks the show will be on!!!